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I play games for a living

I play games for a living If you haven’t noticed (well then, you’re not very observant) I’ve moved my blog to a new domain (IPlayGamesForALiving.com) and done a redesign (changed the theme – tomayto tomaho). If you did notice, you may be wondering why. I’m on a journey; I’m working my way toward a goal. That goal is to be able to say “I play games for a...
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Critical Path: How to Review Videoga...

Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living Review No, that title is not mistyped. Yes, I realize this isn’t a game. (Kindle version is 9.99) I hate to sound cliche, but; this book changed my life. My view on reviewing games and blogging about games has been changed. My view on playing games for a living has been changed. I have been enlightened. Before I read this book, I saw professional game reviewing as something...
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Tips from a guy living the dream

For those of us that want to play games for a living, Towelliee is the guy to look up to and aspire to be like. Towelliee is currently making over $6000 per month doing what he loves to do. In his youtube video series, “Gaming as a Career, ft. Towelliee”, he shares some real tips with us. Check it out below. ...
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Fuck Jennifer Hepler

Fuck Jennifer Hepler Recently, an interview with Jennifer Hepler stepped into the limelight. In this interview she said that she did not like video games, didn’t play them often, and wishes that she could fast-forward through them when she does play them. This, combined with her horrible writing, led gamers to become enraged. Expressing this enragement and criticizing her writing was...
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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Cards are so last year. Here’s some Minecraft screenshots that are perfect to send to your Valentines. Or if you’re forever alone, send them to yourself and pretend they’re from a special...
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Why “blocking” used game...

Why “blocking” used games is fair. There’s been a lot of talk about ending the used games market lately, and rumor has it that the “next xbox” will block used games. While that’s horrible for the people that like to save 5 or 10 bucks on physical games, I think it’s great. From the game makers’ point of view, buying a used game is exactly the same as pirating. They went...
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