Posted by s0nicfreak on Mar 13, 2012
Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living Review

Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a Living Review

No, that title is not mistyped. Yes, I realize this isn’t a game.

(Kindle version is 9.99)

I hate to sound cliche, but; this book changed my life. My view on reviewing games and blogging about games has been changed. My view on playing games for a living has been changed. I have been enlightened.

Before I read this book, I saw professional game reviewing as something that happened when people who lived near game magazine publishers spend long hours in an office. While this book does go over that sort of life, it reveals that this is not the only way professional game reviewing happens. My eyes were opened to the fact that there is a such thing as freelance game reviewers; that people can review from home, email in their reviews, and have them put into a magazine or on a big-name game site.

Hold on – before you go firing off those long-ready emails to EGM, OXM and IGN, read this book. While it made me aware that professional game reviewing can be more in line with the type of lifestyle I want (being at home to raise my kids, setting my own daily schedules, etc.), it also informed me on how that sort of thing really works. (Hint: spamming the places you want your reviews to appear ain’t the way.)

Whether your ultimate career goal is to work in a game magazine office, freelance from home, or even if you just want to write online reviews for the fun of it, this book has a lot of wonderful tips on how to write good game reviews. You’re not just writing to get hired; you’re writing to inform your fellow players, to share how you were moved (or not moved) by a game, to help them make wise choices with not only their money but with their more precious commodity, their time. This book helps you do that, and helps you do that well. If you want to make money doing that, this book tells you how to do that too.

The sample alone entranced me enough to get me to plunk down $9.99 for the Kindle version this book; well over my usual $2.99 personal limit I set for myself (and usually even that is a stretch, as I mostly stick to the .99 ebooks). But the insight it gave me into game reviewing and writing about games in general made it well worth the price. It’s the reason I moved my blog over here and decided to combine my already established ability to write with my love of gaming. It helped me realized that was possible.

This book touched me. Let it touch you too. And I don’t mean in a show-us-on-the-doll-where type of way.

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