Posted by s0nicfreak on Feb 22, 2012
Fuck Jennifer Hepler

Fuck Jennifer Hepler

Recently, an interview with Jennifer Hepler stepped into the limelight. In this interview she said that she did not like video games, didn’t play them often, and wishes that she could fast-forward through them when she does play them. This, combined with her horrible writing, led gamers to become enraged.

Expressing this enragement and criticizing her writing was classified as an “attack” and a “verbal assault.” Reddit removed posts about it due to their rule about not attacking individuals. A slew of people came to her defense in “leave Britney alone!” fashion. Bioware is even considering legal action.

If Stephen King or George R. R. Martin threatened to sue their criticizers, if opinionated posts about them were removed from the internet, what would the reaction be? I’m going to bet that the criticism would be considered free speech, boycotts would happen, and the man’s reputation would be permanently marred as “the man that sued people into saying nothing but good things about him.” No one would say that book readers are acting entitled, heterophobic, or misandrist for having the opinion that something written by a man was bad. So why, then, is criticizing Jennifer Hepler not okay?

Oh yeah – because she has a vagina.

Let me guess what happened with Jennifer Hepler. Bioware needed to fulfill their Affirmative Action quota, but very few people that would help with this applied. They finally found a woman with writing experience, and with a bit of relief mixed with trepidation, added her to the writing team. Then – perhaps because they know little about what female gamers actually want and figured that if one woman says this is good then it must be right – they put her tripe into games. The result is a game that is better suited to romance-novel-readers rather than male OR female gamers, a gaming world that is set back many years by the bullshit notion that female gamers actually want this crap, and a world where women can’t hear a mean word without calling their lawyer.

Just as Jennifer Hepler has the right to suck, and Bioware has the right to keep her employed despite that, I have the right to say she sucks. In fact, since I know this, I feel have a responsibly to warn my fellow gamers before they unknowingly spend their non-refundable money on games she has sullied.

I’m certainly not homophobic (I think a homosexual option in games is great, but that it should not be pretty much forced on the player). Maybe I’m entitled. I’m certainly misogynistic – how can I not be when bullshit like this pops up? But I feel we ARE entitled to speak our opinion about writers and we ARE entitled to a good game for our money. We ARE entitled to writers that can understand and relate to their audience. So hopefully this fiasco, which has already driven this bitch off twitter, will also drive her off the internet completely and then hopefully out of video games. And guess what Hepler – I have a vagina too. I ain’t jealous of yours.

Don’t like what I said? So sue me!

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  1. Jennifer please leave the gaming industry says:

    At a point where Bioware is under fire due to the declining quality of their recent games, namely DA II> and the fiasco known as SWTOR, you claim you want to skip gameplay in order for “gamers” being able to skip the entire gaming-part and just sit like statues and watch forced gay-men coming on to them and dialogue that goes nowhere. I´m pretty sure you have written some extremely low-quality dialogue in SWTOR aswell since your work in DAII was so awful that I actually managed to get my money back for that sorry excuse of a “game” from amazon. Good work there, you are contributing to the massive drop in quality by Bioware . By the way lady, I have a vagina aswell and I do not want forced romance in my video-GAMES.

  2. holyho says:

    Hepler: “I just figure they’re jealous that I get to have both a vagina AND a games industry job, and they can’t get either.”

    What a cunt.

  3. Fuck who? says:

    “Fuck Jennifer Hepler”?

    Show some respect.

    “Just as Jennifer Hepler has the right to suck, and Bioware has the right to keep her employed despite that, I have the right to say she sucks.” And also I will prove that I have that right by writing as poorly as I claim she does.

    My point will be made by my use of bad words and oh fuck it I dunno.. bla bla fuck this fuck that…


    Then again a dumb title like “Fuck Jennifer Hepler” will get you a huge spike in comments. 3 now?

    “I bring a unique view to gaming, yet still relate to the average gamer.”

    Should read:

    “I’ll bring my unique ‘girl being uncouth’ bit, and still relate to the pond scum gamers who enjoy that kind of nonsense.”

    Good luck with your twitch stream and whatever, but seriously, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    • s0nicfreak says:

      Your comment should read “School has been out for 2 weeks now, the novelty of summer vacation has faded so I’m bored, maybe I’ll go try to troll someone that has a better life than I do…”


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