Posted by s0nicfreak on Mar 24, 2012
I play games for a living

I play games for a living

If you haven’t noticed (well then, you’re not very observant) I’ve moved my blog to a new domain (IPlayGamesForALiving.com) and done a redesign (changed the theme – tomayto tomaho). If you did notice, you may be wondering why.

I’m on a journey; I’m working my way toward a goal. That goal is to be able to say “I play games for a living.” Originally, my plan was to chronicle this journey on a blog separate from my gaming blog. When I thought about it, though, I realized that it would be kind of going against my belief that knowledge should be free and easily accessible. I also realized that the game blogging and the gaming as a career would be so intertwined that it would be difficult to decide which posts go where, and I’d end up writing many posts twice and/or separating things that shouldn’t be separated.

So I decided to combine everything – my ramblings, my game reviews, the chronicle of my journey, the tools I use on the journey, etc. – on one, easy to say out loud (“s0nicfreak.net, the 0 is a zero, no it’s .net” just doesn’t roll off the tongue in quite the same way), descriptive domain.

So here it is! IPlayGamesForALiving.com is my gaming blog, where you can come to read my opinions on games and the gaming world, and also read about how I am making the journey to say “I play games for a living” (and ultimately, how I’m able to say that, and what life is like for someone that says that). Whether you’re here for the entertainment factor, you want to say “I play games for a living” yourself and are here for tips, or a combination of both, iplaygamesforaliving.com needs to be in your favorites/bookmarks.

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