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My New Gaming Rig – The Pieces

My New Gaming Rig – The Pieces

My cpu left WA at 9:00 pm (my time) Friday, and was on my doorstep at 9:30 am Saturday (Fedex, you are amazing). And with that I could put together my new gaming rig! I still have to get a graphics card, but it’s already great.

The pieces

1. 11-Bay ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/3x80mm LED Fans(Transparent Blue)

2. Corsair XMS3 8 GB (2 x 4GB) 1333 MHz PC3-10666 240-Pin DDR3 Memory Kit

3. Liteon iHAS324 24X DVD-RW SATA Optical Disk Drive

4. Intel Core i3 Processor i3-540 3.06GHz 4MB LGA1156 CPU

5. ASRock LGA1156/Intel H55/DDR3/A&GbE/MATX Motherboard H55M-LE

6. 550w PSU

7. 650GB Harddrive

1. I saw this case and immediately fell in love. How can you not? It’s beautiful. I did have a few problems with it, which I’ll discuss later, but it was totally worth it.

2. Really the only reason I went with that was it was cheapest…

3. Surprisingly, I did not have a single SATA dvd drive. I have several IDE drives, but the youngest working one is so old it can’t read +Rs.

4. Another that was the cheapest…

5. I didn’t actually get the motherboard from Amazon. I got it from Newegg, because getting it with an open box is really cheap. All the open box items are tested to make sure they work, and you can get a refund if it’s DOA. I stupidly didn’t read *all* the details, I only read “contests may differ,; which I took to mean may be different colors or generic versions, etc. So I figured, might as well save some money. Well, that was a mistake, and I’m sticking with Amazon from now on. When I got the motherboard, I discovered there was no I/O shield nor software included, and only one SATA cable when there should have been two. After a bit more digging I found that lack of I/O shield was a very common thing to happen with open box motherboards from Newegg, and that open box items may or may not include any additional parts, even if they are required to use the item. So, after googling and coming up with nothing, I went to Newegg’s customer service chat to ask if I could purchase it separately. Customer service told me they don’t know, customer service doesn’t know what Newegg sells and what they don’t, and I’ll have to just look around the site and figure it out myself. What exactly is customer service there for if they don’t know shit? They pay people to say “search for it yourself”? Where can I apply?! So, it has no I/O shield. But I guess, since it’s transparent, I can easily see if it starts to get dusty in there. I had several SATA cables already, and googled the drivers that were suppose to be included (but would be kinda screwed if, say, the NIC needed new drivers and this was my only motherboard); annoying, but easy to get around. So if you’re thinking about getting something open box from Newegg; you’ll save, and the item will probably be usable, but keep in mind that customer service doesn’t know shit.

On a side note; Ubuntu recognized everything perfectly and automatically installed the correct drivers. Why the fuck can’t Windows do that?

6. I took the psu out of the computer backpackwayne was nice enough to give me (which I named Pacman, because it has a Pacman on the front, with the leds – power and etc. – as the dots). It was pretty overpowered for that computer. I put an older, less powerful one I had laying around in there, and I’m passing Pacman down to Yuji; it will still be put to good use :)

7. I’ve had this harddrive for a longass time. It use to be in an external thingy, but not long after I got it, I lost the power cord. Until Pacman I didn’t have any SATA ports. So I never used it much. Now it’s been split in half, with half going to Windows 7 and half to Ubuntu 11.10 (neither of which I like very much. Why does everything have to be changed in ways I hate?).

As for the graphics card, I plan to get a ASUS GeForce GT 520 (Fermi) 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card while I can still get the mail in rebate. So the total cost will be under $350.

To see pics check out My New Gaming Rig – Putting it Together

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