Posted by s0nicfreak on Oct 23, 2011
My New Gaming Rig – Putting it Together

My New Gaming Rig – Putting it Together


I encountered the first issue with the case when I tried to put in the first thing, the PSU. This case is really thick, and normal PSU screws (shown in picture) are way too short.


Second issue; the case’s feet are suppose to be put on with cheap double sided tape. You’re suppose to peal off the backing and then stick the feet to the bottom. But the tape was only properly aligned on one of the feet, it was difficult to remove the backing without the tape coming off the foot too, and the tape doesn’t stick very well once you manage to get it onto the case.


Third issue: the drive cage is not only extremely thick, it is smooth – there aren’t any of those short shelves on the sides like many drive cages have, so *not* screwing it in isn’t an option. The case did come with some long screws, but they didn’t fit into my psu and they weren’t long enough to secure the harddrive! The picture above shows how much shorter they are than the thickness of the drive cage when screwed in to the harddrive the minimum amount.


As I was looking in the toolbox trying (and failing) to find some screws that were the right size, Darkstarmatryx came home. He suggested we look in the ancient computers (that don’t really work and are too old to do anything with if they did) we have for screws that would fit, and as he looked I remembered that cpu fans have longass screws. So we tried those, and they kind of fit for the harddrive, and fit perfectly for the psu.


It doesn’t look all that bad from the side…


So here it is, put together and powered up!



So pretty… totally worth the troubles



Yes, I have it hooked up to that hueg TV – u jelly?

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