Posted by s0nicfreak on Nov 29, 2011
The past 5 weeks

The past 5 weeks

Well, after I got that computer put together, it crashed all the damn time. At first I was using Intel HD graphics, and the driver for that crashed all the time. After a bit I got a graphics card, but then then there were other crashes. First a driver for an “unknown” thing (that I still can’t figure out what it is suppose to be). so I disabled that. Then stuff to do with Daemon Tools, so I found an alternative to that. Then Windows stopped telling me why it was crashing. Eventually memtest found an error on one of my sticks of RAM… one day past the 30 day return window. Fortunately, Amazon was nice enough to let me exchange it anyway. So I put in the second stick of RAM… and the psu isn’t powerfull enough to use both. So I’m just using 1 stick until I can get some $ to replace that, but that’s fine.

I was sad to realize that xfire doesn’t work right anymore. I thought it was logging all my time in the various games I’ve been playing, but it seems it only works on games that came before xfire’s last update(?). Is there an alternative now? I don’t care about in-game chat or anything, I just want to log time and display it here. EDIT: I think I fixed it, or the last update did…

I’m trying to get more organized so I can start doing a twitch stream.

Really there is little point to this post, it’s just to let everyone know that I’m still alive and still planing to do shit…

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