Posted by s0nicfreak on Sep 26, 2011
Why RMT in MMOs is a good thing

Why RMT in MMOs is a good thing

RMT (real money trades/trading) has been allowed and encouraged in some Asian MMOs for awhile now. It is only recently that some western MMOs have begun to find it acceptable – and many MMOs still don’t find it acceptable. In Guild Wars, for example, you will be banned if you are found to be taking part in (either as a seller and buyer) RMT. Their logic is that RMT leads to botting, hacking, etc. etc.

I think that’s silly. It is apparent that many people like RMT, and most people prefer RMT and microtransactions to subscription fees, so get with the times, game companies – evolve or die.

Allowing and even encouraging RMT is a good thing, in my opinion. If companies regulate RMT, they can ban just the people that are botting, hacking, scamming, etc. leaving the legit users that like RMT public and protected. Outlawing RMT only ensures that people that want to participate in RMT will go underground, with no protection from scammers.

RMT allows customers that want to play, but don’t have money, to earn money. Those that do have money can earn more money. Gamers having more money means more money going towards games, and/or more money for food to keep gamers alive to keep playing and put more money towards games.

People are more likely to put time and money into a game if they don’t feel it is taking up time that could be spent earning money. Games that encourage people to make money from the game, such as Second Life, tend to have a much longer lasting community than games that discourage it – of course, if you’re making money off a game, you’re going to want to encourage others to start and continue playing!

It looks like Diablo 3 is going to do things right. It will have what sounds like a virtual Ebay. Selling is encouraged, Blizzard gets a cut, players can make some money and people can be protected from scammers; it’s a win/win situation. I’m really eager to see how this turns out, and hope to get in on the ground floor… Which means I need to get my computer upgraded before it comes out.

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